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(Traditional Japanese style inns with Tatami floors and Futon beds)
 at "Osaragi-no yado", Kitakata, Fukushima-ken, Tohoku Region(North-East Region)
Typically located in scenic areas, hot spring resorts in Japan such as in the mountains or by the sea and typically feature Tatami-matted rooms and Futon-beds. Almost all ryokan feature common bathing areas, usually segregated by gender, using the water from a hot spring if any are nearby. (High-end ryokan may provide private bathing facilities as well. ) Typically ryokan provide guests with a Yukata to wear, and possibly Geta that visitors can borrow for strolls outside. Bedding is a futon spread out on the tatami floor. When guests first enter their room, they usually find a table and some supplies for making tea. The table is also used for meals when guests take them in their room. While guests are out, staff will move the table aside and set out the futon. Ddinner and breakfast are often included in the price of the room. Most visitors take their meals at the ryokan, which usually promote themselves on the quality of their food. Meals consist of traditional Japanese cuisine known as Kaiseki-ryori, which features seasonal and regional specialties